Dance Reservations is free

That is correct. We decided to make Dance Reservations free for organizers. You are welcome to start your own event and try it out.

Important: Until now we have set up the events for the organizers. There is a user interface, but it can be that it is not viewed as very user-friendly. Until now we didn't put a lot of time in ironing out quirks in the user interface, because the only people having to deal with the inconsistencies were ourselves :). You are welcome to write us in case you see something you'd like to have solved.

To cover the costs for hosting and emails you can donate money if you like. If you need help with the setup with your event we are available to help you out for a small fee. If so, please contact us.

For help, be sure to read the wiki and look for answers there.It is not completely in sync with the features of dance reservations, but we are working on it...
Please also use our support forum especially set up for organizers to answer each other questions (NEW!).

Please also read the terms & conditions. In short: we are not liable for anything. We encourage you to test your event thoroughly before publishing this on your website.


Start now!