Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is part of, and covers the Dance Reservations website. Dance Reservations respects the privacy of all visitors of its website and will make sure that your personal data are treated confidentially. If you do not agree with this privacy statement in full, you should not use this website.

Personal Data

  1. Whenever you make a reservation, Dance Reservations will store the information you enter. This information will be supplied to the organization hosting the event for which you created the reservation.
    Dance Reservations itself will never do anything with the data collected. We store your data, but we do not own your data.
  2. Organizations using Dance Reservations are allowed to make an export of your personal data stored in Dance Reservations as soon as you have made a reservation for this organization.
    Organizations have to agree that they do not use your data against our privacy statement. This means that:
    • They are not allowed to supply your information to third-parties.
    • They can send you mail regarding the event you have made a reservation for.
    • They can only send you mail regarding other activities of this organization, when you agree to this.
  3. Your password will be stored encrypted. This means that no one but you can know your password. There is no way for us to find out what your password is.

Traffic data

  1. Dance Reservations uses cookies with the sole purpose of storing your session ID. Without this you will not be able to make a reservation or to create an account.
  2. We store the time and date you have visited an event. This information is meant for you, so you can easily find the events you are interested in.


This privacy statement could be subject to change. However, your privacy will always have our highest priority, so you do not need to expect changes that could violate our most basic privacy rules.