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Please read these general conditions carefully before you use this website. Using this website means that you agree with these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should not use this website.

  1. Use of this website
    The information on this website is offered to you to allow you to make a reservation for a dance event online. The website acts as a intermediate between the organization hosting the event and you as the participant of the event.
    You guarantee that you are entitled to make reservations, and that you will use this website in accordance with these general terms and conditions. You also declare that you have sufficient means and the authority to act for your activities on this website. Furthermore, you guarantee that all the information which is given by you with regard to the use of this website are true and correct. You understand that excessive use or misuse of the reservation facilities on this website may result in your being denied access to these facilities. Any false or fraudulent reservation is forbidden without any limitation.
  2. Privacy
    Dance Reservations respects your privacy. Under no circumstances will we give your personal data to third parties, unless we are legally bound to do so. The Privacy Statement explains which data are processed, how your data is used, and what your rights are.
  3. Free
    The use of the services of Dance Reservations is free of charge for participants: Dance Reservations does not charge a reservation fee or administration fees, nor does Dance Reservations charge you for cancellations and changes to your reservation(s).
  4. Reservations
    Dance Reservations acts as an intermediate and only sends your reservation to the organization. The reservation itself is a transaction between the organization hosting the event and the customer who makes the reservation. Organizations have the right to refuse a reservation.
  5. Disclaimer
    This website has been compiled with the greatest care by Dance Reservations. However, the information on this website may contain errors, inaccuracies or typographical errors.
    Dance Reservations is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the contents of this website and the information offered on this website. Dance Reservations does not guarantee that the information about participating organizations offered on this website is correct and complete.
    Dance Reservations does not guarantee the correctness of, and is not responsible for inaccuracies with regard to photos of events and activities, descriptions and other descriptions that are published on this website, which information is provided by the organizations themselves, who are for that reason also responsible for the correctness of this information. Dance Reservations does not check the information provided by organizations.
    Organizations may change the information about their event and organization, such as prices and availability, at any time. Dance Reservations is not responsible for any loss caused by the incorrect publishing of these data.
    If you want to recover any loss that you have suffered as a result of incorrect descriptions of organizations, events or activities, you need to contact the organization in question directly.
    Dance Reservations is not liable for damage, whether direct or indirect, which results from the use of its website, or the information published on its website.
    Dance Reservations can make improvements and/or changes to this website at any time and regularly does so.
    Any consequential loss which results from wrongful payments to organizations are the responsibility of the organization in question. Dance Reservations cannot be held liable for this loss.
    Dance Reservations is not liable for a loss resulting from the use or (temporary) impossibility to use electronic means for communication with its website, including - but not limited to – a loss resulting from nondelivery or delayed delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by software/hardware used for electronic communication and transmitting viruses.
    By using the website of Dance Reservations you indemnify Dance Reservations against all losses resulting from claims by third parties, resulting from violation or noncompliance with these terms and conditions, or against claims which are otherwise connected with or result from your use of its website.